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That year, I'd plan to ride out to Sturgis with three of my buddies: Mike, Doug and Steve.

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Mike was dating a college girl named Amy, and had planned on bringing her out to Sturgis. Doug, Steve and I were planning on going solo. But then Amy told me that she had a friend who'd just finished her first year of college that wanted to go to the Rally.

Amy said that her friend, Courtney, was beautiful and liked to party. However, Amy said that she didn't have any money at the point of the Summer, as she wouldn't be getting her student loans until she went to school a few weeks later in the Sturgis naked biker bitch.

Amy asked if I would be interested in meeting Courtney, and would then consider giving her a ride to and from the Rally on my bike. Sturgis naked biker bitch also said that Courtney would really appreciate it if I could spot her some cash for booze and Adelgazar 72 kilos along the way. I told Amy to bring Courtney over to my place the day before we were scheduled to leave for the Rally.

Sturgis naked biker bitch few days later, Amy and Mike brought Courtney over to my place. She was indeed hot--a pretty face, and a great body with a firm ass and big, natural tits. Courtney introduced herself and said that she'd really appreciate it if she could ride on the back of my bike, and if I could spot her a little cash for Rally Sturgis naked biker bitch.

I decided to lay my cards on the table. But you have to agree to my rules," I stated. That means that you Sturgis naked biker bitch wait on me hand and foot--get me a beer when I want one, cook my meals, clean up, polish the bike, etc.

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It also means that you will be available to service me--as in sexually service me--whenever and however I like. And, as your owner, I reserve the right to punish you if you deserve it, or even if you Sturgis naked biker bitch if it pleases me. A long silence passed. I told her to think about it over Sturgis naked biker bitch and not to make any hasty decisions.

If she was agreeable, she just needed to show up the next day at my house, ready to leave for Sturgis with the rest of us.

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If not, that was fine and her choice. Sure enough, the next day Courtney arrived at my house at the Sturgis naked biker bitch time the group was expecting to leave for the Rally. I would later learn from Mike that Courtney did not think that I was going to seriously hold her to the rules I had laid out for her.

Amy also told Courtney that she did not think I would seriously treat Courtney as a virtual slave during the Rally. Sturgis naked biker bitch would be mistaken -- I intended to keep my word, and intended that Courtney would follow the rules to the letter. You can't be my bitch wearing jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt. I made a point of telling her that she was not allowed to wear any underwear, as I wanted her bare pussy rubbing up against my bike as she rode behind me on my bike.

Courtney blushed, but changed out of her clothing and into Dietas faciles selected apparel. Lastly, I got out a steel slave collar, a pair of steel ankle cuffs and a pair of steel wrist cuffs--all with locking padlocks. As I locked the collar Sturgis naked biker bitch cuffs on to Courtney, I told her: But until then, you'll be locked into my Sturgis naked biker bitch, and no Sturgis naked biker bitch will be able to unlock the collar or cuffs during the week.

So, you'd better accept the fact now that you'll be collared and cuffed during this entire experience. Mike, Doug and Steve looked wide-eyed at first, and then started to chuckle a bit to themselves. Amy looked stunned, and started to protest, but was quickly cut off by her man, Mike, who said: Courtney agreed to the rules.

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She made her decision willingly. You don't have the right or ability to interfere. And," he added sternly, "unless you want want to collared and cuffed for this trip, I'd suggest you keep your mouth shut Sturgis naked biker bitch your opinions to yourself.

It was time to get on the bikes and take off for Sturgis. Day 1 The first day we drove about miles west and stopped to camp at a state park in Eastern South Dakota. The park ranger Sturgis naked biker bitch checked us in to our camp site shot us Sturgis naked biker bitch a look when he saw a scantly-clad young woman in a collar and cuffs clinging to me on the back of my bike.

Courtney blushed crimson, but did not say anything. So I told him, "That's my bitch, ranger. I keep her either naked or close to naked.

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Go ahead and take a long look at her -- don't be shy. I'll slide off the seat so you can get a good look at that pussy. Bitch, spread your legs for the ranger! So, I walked behind her and grabbed her thighs and spread Dietas faciles so that the ranger could have a clear Sturgis naked biker bitch of her pussy under the mini-skirt. The ranger, a young college kid working a summer job, stared at Courtney's pussy with Sturgis naked biker bitch hungry look on his face.

Sturgis naked biker bitch Courtney blushed and looked very embarrassed, I noticed that her cunt was glistening with pussy juice. Clearly, she was turned on, as well as ashamed. At that point, we drove into the remote tenting Sturgis naked biker bitch of the campground, parked our bikes, and began to unload our stuff.

It's understood in our group that the women set up camp, while the men relax from the long day's ride. Your men are hungry," I said to Courtney and Amy.

Courtney and Amy did as they were told, and soon we had all eaten dinner, and sat around the fire as the night grew dark. I want to see what kind of skills she's got. I'll be sure and give you a full report on her when I'm finished.

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I laughed to myself as I thought about all I had in store for her during Rally Week. Finally, after Sturgis naked biker bitch more hours on the road, we stopped at a town about a mile outside of Sturgis early in the afternoon for gas and a bite to eat.

The town was crawling with folks obviously on their way to the Rally. It Sturgis naked biker bitch a dive -- definitely not a family place -- but the food looked decent and the beer was cheap. Bad 80's metal music played on the jukebox, and there was a lot of laughter and shouting from the biker patrons.

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Sturgis naked biker bitch The five of us sat down at a table, and soon a waitress came over to check Sturgis naked biker bitch us. She looked to be in her mids, and wore a biker jacket with a lot Sturgis insignia--clearly catering to the customers during Bike Week. She was cute, all things considered.

After the waitress left, I turned to Mike and said, "Mikey, tell you what.

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I bet you that my bitch can get me off under the table before your bitch can. Winner gets to fuck the other dude's bitch.

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Sturgis naked biker bitch Courtney and Amy both looked wide-eyed at us, hoping that this was all a joke. You're my bitch, too, don't forget. You may not be wearing cuffs and a collar I could see some of the other patrons gathering around -- it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess what was about to happen when two women went under the table to take the position on their knees Sturgis naked biker bitch their men.

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Soon, about twenty or so people circled us, and there were a lot of whoops and hollers from the audience. Mike and I both had our cocks out of pants at that point, and each of us pulled Sturgis naked biker bitch bitches' faces into position. It felt fantastic as I slid my rock hard member in Sturgis naked biker bitch Courtney's lips and started to bob her head up and down.

When she had established a good rhythm, I pushed her bra down after a bit so that her tits popped out, and started squeezing those melons.

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I wasn't going to last long, at this rate. Meanwhile, Mike was ramming Amy's head down on his cock, clearly trying to speed up his climax. I could see a few of the dudes in the crowd taking bets at Sturgis naked biker bitch point.

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I must have shot a ton into Courtney's mouth, because when she emerged Sturgis naked biker bitch under the table and opened her mouth, streams of white, sticky cum started to drool out the sides. With no question in anyone's mind that I had cum, Courtney finally swallowed the rest of the load after a few seconds.

The crowd erupted into applause, and I held Sturgis naked biker bitch arms over my head like a winning prize-fighter.

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Mike shook his head, but couldn't help but smile as I shot him a wink. While Amy was not as hot a piece of ass as Courtney, she was Sturgis naked biker bitch pretty cute, and I'd always wondered what it would be like to fuck her.

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I would look forward to collecting on my bet later. She Sturgis naked biker bitch red-faced when she emerged from under the table but smiled as she shot a glance to Courtney, while smiled back sheepishly. Despite being used by biker men, these bitches were turned on and clearly loving it.

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I was not surprised, as no woman would go along on this kind of trip without having at least some idea of what she was in for. We were not even in Sturgis yet, and I had already had some memories Sturgis naked biker bitch would get me hard each time I thought about them over the years. And the best was yet to come.

A hour or so later, after a meal and a few beers, we were all back on the bikes heading to the Rally. We pulled into the campground we were staying at a dozen Sturgis naked biker bitch so miles outside of Sturgis. The girls started to unpack our gear, and would later put up our tents.

And I've often brought along a "bitch" -- a woman to serve me and service me during the event. But the best bitch I Sturgis naked biker bitch had was a gal named Courtney several years back. This is the story of how she came to join me for the rally back in First, know that I am not an outlaw biker, or a full-time member of a motorcycle gang. I'm a guy with a normal 9 to 5 job, but who has also ridden Harleys his whole life with similarly minded friends in the neighborhood. But, I Sturgis naked biker bitch take a few weeks off around Rally Week, let my hair get wild, stop shaving, and head off to Sturgis. Two euro girls get fucked and creamed Bitch biker Sturgis naked.

Meanwhile, the guys and I shared a few pulls off a bottle of whiskey I'd brought along and looked around. There were a few other parties of bikers in the adjoining camp sites, and we waved hellos.

There were some sexy women in those groups, along with the usual gruff looking guys. I hoped that at some point we'd have a chance to party with those around us. The camp Sturgis naked biker bitch set up by late that afternoon, and we all Sturgis naked biker bitch on the bikes to finally check out the Rally in town. When we got there, it was a sea of leather-clad humanity.

Bikes and bikers were everywhere, and people were partying in the streets.

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Chicks were walking around topless, everyone was carrying a beer or something harder--it was clear that there were no rules during Rally week. I directed our group to a bar near the north end of main street that I'd always liked. But first, I clipped Courtney's cuffed hands behind her back, and fastened her leash Sturgis naked biker bitch her collar. She got a lot of lusty stares from the mob as I led her down the street by her leash. She was blushing, but I could tell that her nipples were Sturgis naked biker bitch under the leather bra, and it was obviously that she was somewhat turned on.

When we got to the entrance of the bar, I stopped Courtney as we all started to go in.


You stay out here. I'll decide where you go and what you'll do this weekend," I said.

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Courtney looked confused, but was compliant when I sat her down in front of a light polel, and clip-tied the end of her leash around a light pole in front of the Sturgis naked biker bitch. Don't want to leave anything to the imagination!

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I wanted to keep an eye on Courtney. I was looking forward to passers-by cat-calling her, and perhaps even fondling her, but I also wanted to make sure that things did not get out of hand. There were a Sturgis naked biker bitch of points and hoots as bikers strolled by my tethered bitch, and several times, men stopped to tweak her nipples, or pat her head.

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No one went too far, though -- bikers generally respect other bikers' property rights, and everyone probably figured that Courtney's rightful owner was inside. After an hour or so in the bar, we went back outside and I unclipped Courtney's leash from the pole, and began to lead her back down the street. I did slip my hand between Sturgis naked biker bitch legs to see what state of mind she was in after being Sturgis naked biker bitch displayed with her tits hanging out for the last 60 minutes.

Her pussy was slick and slippery -- clearly, she'd been turned on the whole time.

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She shot me an embarrassed grin, as I held up my Sturgis naked biker bitch fingers to everyone. I liked it. I have to admit that I liked it," she replied.

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For the next few hours, we partied in town. I let Courtney accompany the rest of us into the bars and stores, feeling like I'd already made my point earlier about reminding Sturgis naked biker bitch that she was mere property this weekend.

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Drinking, and other vices ensued until darkness came around 9 p. At that point, people began to gather around a stage in the middle of a square.

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We soon figured out that there was Sturgis naked biker bitch biker bitch stripper contest about to start. And I expect you to win it, or else there will be consequences. The guy took a look at my leashed, collared and cuffed bitch, and got a big grin on his face and said: That bitch Adelgazar 10 kilos too hot to keep out. She's in! Soon the contest began, as woman after woman took her turn on the stage, dancing Sturgis naked biker bitch to the music, removing her clothes while the crowd screamed, until she was completely naked.

Some girls were clearly more experienced in this sort of thing than others, and while most were clearly exhibitionists, you tell that there were Sturgis naked biker bitch few that had probably been pushed into this by their owners. Finally, it was Courtney's turn on the stage.

As Led Zep's "Rock 'n Roll" began to blare over the loud-speakers, she began to gyrate around the stage, and peel her off her few items of clothing, until she was barefoot, bareass naked except for the collar around her neck and the cuffs locked on her ankles and wrists.

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I have to admit, she did a pretty good job for someone who clearly was not a professional stripper. She was really getting into it, as she bent over and spread her pussy lips for the shouting masses.

Her face lit up as Sturgis naked biker bitch crowd cheered. Report Story. Free sex masturbation and fils.

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Day 2 I woke up the next morning in my tent with Courtney nestled in beside me, her naked body pressing against my mine under the covers. While my mind needed a few seconds to orientate myself to my surroundings, my cock was way ahead of me, and I had a serious hard-on which pressed against Courtney's ass. While Courtney was still dozing, I slipped my arm down from her shoulder to her tits, and began to rub her nipples, Sturgis naked biker bitch soon started Sturgis naked biker bitch harden. I then slipped my hand down even further to her pussy, and felt over her muff for her clit. I rubbed her clit for a bit, and then slipped two fingers into her pussy, which was beginning to slicken. With that, Courtney started to stir, and began to instinctively grind her hips back into my cock. Homemade blonde college girl diung anal Bitch biker Sturgis naked.

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